We are creating ideal condition to bring the companies under an umbrella of a continuous flow of cooperation.

Participating in governmental tenders for food supplies as we are trading several products in the sector of food industry like sugar, rice, meat, olive oil, cheese, fruits and vegetables, pastry etc. Originate from Greece, Australia, New Zealand, China, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Canada, and Turkey.

Always adjusts in the demand and needs of our customers and always seeking the best quality and most economic product by scanning the global markets.

Furthermore GGM Business Development and Construction operates in the fields of construction and maintenance relating to Marine works and Services, Under Water works, Construction works, Waste recycling and processing, Water supply, Environmental services, Metal constructions, Consulting services, Security services, Electrical Mechanical services.

With offices based in Lebanon, Greece, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Cyprus we are evaluating with great attention the demands of our customers as we are able to stand anywhere in any country to fulfill our plans.

Our company also having a great team of associates offers advisory services in the industry of beauty on how to establish your business and grow it up.

Beauty industry will always attract our great attention as it is one of the most profitable and successful sectors in the world.